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Hook Your Audience - the reviews are rolling in ...

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A book to be read, dog eared, highlighted, referenced everywhere, and browsed over and over again till the spine disintegrates.

A string of crystallised nuggets of gold advice in a field for which I thought it would be impossible to write an instruction manual.

Marilena Pace,
STEM content producer

This is the book for training educational presenters, anyone who has to stand in front of an audience and keep them engaged.

Super practical, tried and tested techniques for any topic. This is a book I could have bought several times over for training museum educators over the years.

Rachel Ayrton,
Learning & Interpretation Manager, King Richard III Visitor Centre

So who should use this book? ... Informal science presenters with good experience already will undoubtedly refresh their approach and reflect valuably on their existing skills. Beginners will have a compendium of the best advice – though they may come to appreciate its value more as they gain in experience. ... Perhaps even more importantly, this book should be read by those who manage and direct informal education programmes.

If professional standards are to be raised, audiences and learners captivated, and the full objectives of informal science presentations are to be achieved, then this is the book to be read and applied. Order a set of copies now!

Colin Johnson,
Hon Fellow, Ecsite - the European Network of Science Centres and Museums in SPOKES magazine (
Full review)

Having done 4000+ science shows in 18 countries, I have sometimes allowed myself to appreciate my performing skills quite highly. Like, right at the top of the world. Now, having read Paul's book, it's back to Humble Land! Reading Hook Your Audience makes me happily the innocent and eager beginner that I was way back in the 90's.

Harri "Heko" Montonen,
Senior Inspirer, HEUREKA, the Finnish Science Centre

This book is delightfully genius, and more important than that, it's USEFUL! It's so rare to find such a positive book, about genuinely caring for your audiences and a presenter's impact.

I've honestly NEVER seen a book as amazing, amusing, and wonderfully written in my field, and it should be compulsory reading material on every science communication (or actually ANY training) course.

Whatever sector you're in - whether formal education, charity, corporate or public - and you need to present to audiences, you NEED this book in your life!

Dr Sai Pathmanathan,
author and science education consultant

The most comprehensive guide to on-stage engagement techniques for school age audiences (primary and secondary).

As I read, I literally watch myself performing and using the techniques. The way they are explained is so clear and concise that beginners can get stuck into self-improvement and more advanced practitioners can see the direction towards deeper development.

Paul McCrory has distilled thousands of hours of experience and professional interviews into what I consider to be the "Bible of Science Communication Performance Techniques".

Tom Pringle (aka Dr Bunhead)

You know those movies where you take a pill and then know ‘everything’? This is the book version of that pill. It is pure wisdom in paper form - jampacked with practical nuggets to improve your science communication skills in fast forwards.

Paul’s methodical approach means that not only it is easy to follow, but also comprehensive. It covers just about every trick in the book that well-seasoned Sci Comm professionals know and adhere to - tricks that (ironically) have never before been put down on paper and made so accessible in this way.

This should be compulsory reading for anyone venturing into the uncertain world of Science Communication and Engagement.

Fran Scott,
Engineering Presenter and Science Communication Consultant

Believe me, if you are a teacher, or EVER have to give any kind of presentation, Hook Your Audience is an absolute GOLDMINE of advice, evidence and top tips that will help you stand out.

Andrew Jeffrey,
CPD Provider, primary teacher, keynote speaker, and author

Paul McCrory is someone who has mastered the craft of science communication so I'm thrilled that he's sharing his expertise in his new book - Hook Your Audience!

This is a toolkit of practical engagement techniques - you can dip in and out, or read this book from cover to cover (as I did) and take something new from it each time. Highly recommended!

Dr Aimee Stapleton,
Education & Public Engagement Manager at APC Microbiome Ireland

When I read about skills it often feels daunting and gives me the impression that I can never do it well. But after reading Hook your audience I feel encouraged to just go and try the tools, one by one, at my own pace, until I can do it.

Serah Hoeks,
science communicator

This brilliant book puts so many techniques (from the 'obvious-if-you-actually-stop-and-think-about-it' to the 'I-wish-I’d-thought-of-that-years-ago’) into words in clear and applicable ways. I recommend it to presenters of all varieties.

It makes me want to get out there and perform, and inspire, and be better.

Naomi Foster,
STEM communicator

I found myself nodding along in agreement with every new paragraph I read, Paul has written something special here.

A must read book for anyone involved in presenting, it's packed with essential hints and tips for properly engaging your audience. Get yourself a copy now!

Sam Langford,
Science Communicator & Engagement Consultant

The impact from, and joy of presenting a kick-arse show to an audience who are eating out of the palm of your hand is attainable! With practice and the advice, feedback and support of a circle of experienced peers, or at least some of those things, and this book. -:)

Jay Ridgewell,
science communicator

I honestly, can't recommend this book enough. Even if you have some background in performance, there are so many thoughtful insights and practical suggestions to help you get your message over to other people.

Siân Bevan,
Arts Project Manager

Hook Your Audience is a fantastic resource, whether you are just beginning your science communication journey or an experienced performer.

Making learning fun is one of the biggest accomplishments a presenter can achieve, and this book can help you do it, while being an illuminating and entertaining piece of education in and of itself. Can't wait for Volume 2!

Caoimhín De Bhailis,
Blackrock Castle Observatory

Dr Paul McCrory has succeeded in creating a unique combination of handbook and reflective self-help book, aimed at everyone who communicates in front of groups, in informal experiences and learning contexts.

I appreciate the conversational text, it feels like you are having a conversation with a colleague or a mentor.

Paul Henningsson,
interpretation & visitor research consultant at musedia
full review - in Swedish)

There are not many books that are both a good cover-to-cover read as well as a practical reference book. This is both!

John Downey,
science engagement practitioner and occasional magician

This is a wonderfully informative and accessible book, packed with useful information. Whether the reader is a newcomer to this world or a seasoned professional, there is lots to learn, all delivered in a warm and engaging style.

The book is full of easily applicable tools, as well as personal reflections and discoveries, often delivered as gently humorous and relatable anecdotes. Reading it feels like being part of a conversation - this is the voice of a generous expert, full of knowledge and experience, and delighted to share with us everything he’s learned about his subject.

Kate Beales,
Director, writer, facilitator

It is becoming increasingly rare to read something in the area of science education and communication that hits the mark so effectively. Although Dr. McCrory's book starts with 'Nobody has to listen to you' this does not apply to him. So, please listen to him, read what he has to say and share as widely as possible.

From understanding the importance of authenticity to the characterizations of informal science educators to audience management, this book illuminates the essential information needed by any science communicator regardless of experience level. Dr. McCrory's experience in the field shines through with relatable anecdotes showing that to blend authority with vulnerability takes great skill and practice.

Dr Anthony Caldwell

A treasure trove of ideas and advice for anyone who presents to live audiences - dip into it for inspiration, or look up useful tips.

Dr Jenny Shipway,
Independent Consultant

This book sets out clearly and logically everything an informal educator needs to know in order to present effectively, and as such it is a real goldmine of practical and thoughtful advice and tips.

Mark Leveridge,

Editor, Magicseen

If I was teaching science communication, this book would be at the top of the reading list.

I wish I'd read it twenty years ago, it would have saved me a lot of time and trouble.

Alom Shaha,

author and science teacher

I just finished reading Hook your Audience and it's the deepest psychological dive into the inner-workings of performing educational shows for children that I've ever read. 

Paul McCrory has a unique ability to conceptualise and describe facets of performing that many of us do every day without thinking about it.

This is an inspiring read for any educational performer looking to improve and understand our strengths and shortfalls when presenting our shows.

Jonathan Lipschitz,
educational performer, Madrid

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