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I was warned by other authors that the book writing process would seem easy compared to the difficulty of letting people know you've written a book. They were right 🙂

Authentic reviews are the lifeblood of any book promotion campaign, so thank you for your interest in writing a review of Hook Your Audience. It means a lot to me.

I'm keen to gather review excerpts and links from as many different informal education sectors as possible - to help potential readers decide if this book will be relevant to their role. I would be grateful if you could share your reviews with me through the form below. I also hope that reading these reviews will give me insights as to how I can improve the book in a future edition.

If you have any questions about reviewing the book not covered below, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Prompt questions for writing helpful reviews

If you write every word of the review with the mindset of helping potential readers decide if the book would be relevant and useful for them, you'll not go far wrong.

Here are some questions to get your reviewing juices flowing:


What are the main ideas you have taken away from the book?


Which ideas in the book resonated most strongly with your experiences? Share quotes from the book and examples of how you have applied them.


Which ideas in the book did you disagree with, based on your experiences? Are there hooks which you feel deserved greater qualification before they should be used? Give examples and be as specific as possible.


What questions did reflecting on the book's content provoke in you?


What were the author's intentions in writing this book and, in these terms, how successful have they been in achieving these goals?


How does the book fit in with other books for informal educators or presenters which you've read?


Are there significant gaps in the topics covered by the book?


How easy was the book to read in terms of the structure, writing style and language?


Who is the book best suited for, in your opinion (in terms of sector, experience level, job role)?


Would you recommend that colleagues in your role should invest the time to read and reflect on the ideas in the book?

Book details

Title: Hook Your Audience (volume 1) - How educational presenters can captivate their learners using performance techniques

Author: Paul McCrory

Publisher: HOOK training ltd

Published: July 2021

Dimensions: 7" x 10"

Pages: 339

Words: approximately 91,000


paperback 978-1-8384618-0-5
ebook 978-1-8384618-1-2


As a paperback through the Amazon regions which offer print books.
PDF ebook through

Bulk orders through

End-of-chapter summaries


Why are book reviews so important?

Books may be one of the most flexible and affordable forms of professional development, but they still require a considerable investment of time and reflection to get the best from them. So, understandably, prospective readers need some convincing about investing their time with a new book.

Social proof - as demonstrated through honest, detailed reviews - is one of the most powerful signals for educators who are considering reading a book. This is especially true of non-fiction book reviews written by peers they already know or who work in their own sector. 

How do I review the book on Amazon?

You may have read hundreds of Amazon reviews and never spotted the "Write a customer review" button. On the Hook Your Audience book page of the Amazon region you use, scroll down to the Customer reviews section and you'll find this button underneath the bar chart that displays the percentage of star ratings the book has received.

Interestingly, you don't need to have bought your copy of the book on Amazon to leave a review there - provided you have spent a minimum amount in the last year in the store (e.g. £40 threshold in the UK), you can submit an honest review for a book you bought elsewhere or received as a review copy.

In this case, your review will be shown as an "unverified purchase". So it's important to be transparent in explaining where you got your copy (eg "received a copy as a reviewer", "acted as a beta reader for the book"), but it's best to avoid using the common phrase explaining that you were given the book "in exchange for a review". Amazon does not allow authors to incentivise or require a reader to leave a review in any way. 

How can my organisation request a PDF review copy of the book?

Making the book open access online initially allows anyone to review it. However, if you're part of an organisation who works with informal educators and you would find it easier to review a PDF of the book, you can request a review copy using the form below.

I'll then send you a secure link to download your copy of the book as a PDF. This file can be shared with the person you have nominated to write the review for your members.

Any organisation I send the ebook link to as a potential reviewer is under no obligation to complete a review on amazon or any other channel.

Where can I find images to support my review?

I've put together a selection of shareable images for each of the main social media channels at www.hooktraining.com/hya1shareables

If you require a higher resolution image for a print publication, please get in touch to discuss this.

"Volume 1"? I'm intrigued ...

This book covers half of the delivery tools in the engagement toolkit. Volume 2 of the series should address tools such as suspense and surprise; explaining; storytelling; using images, props and demos; and managing audience behaviour. So if you notice any yawning gaps in the range of tools when reviewing this book, it may help to know the bigger picture.

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